Meredith A. Dooney

Hi Everyone, On Wednesday, October 20th we had a Zoom program with an outstanding presenter on an intriguing topic. Sydney Sherman spoke about her book, You Are Not Alone, which addresses the questions so many of us have about whether or not life truly ends with ‘death.’

I have had over half a dozen patrons reach out to me since Wednesday, to thank us for the program and to ask when we can have Sydney back. 
In my personal opinion, Sydney’s approach and delivery are completely refreshing – I felt like I was attending a college lecture with an engaging teacher who approaches the question rationally and scientifically. I think we’ve been conditioned to look at this topic for entertainment purposes, and Hollywood has skewed our willingness and ability to consider any possibilities beyond the sensational.  
I feel that her message is absolutely one that can be shared year-round, not just during Fall/Halloween. I encourage you to see what I mean! Here is Sydney’s website: 
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