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See my reviews on the CLC (Ct Library Consortium)

Here are just a few of my reviews on ConnTECH: Library Community Information – Connecticut Library Community – LibGuides Home at Connecticut State Library, Division of Library Development (

“We had Sydney Sherman present her “Understanding Your Aura” presentation this past week. It was very informative, engaging and even humorous. She always draws a large crowd and our patrons just love her”.
Liz Chubet
Elizabeth Chubet
Adult Program Coordinator/Publicist
Southington Public Library
255 Main Street
Southington, CT 06489
860-628-0947 x6513
Fax (860) 628-0488

I’d like to add to the praise for Sydney Sherman and her programs. We hosted her last night for a virtual “Understanding Your Senses” presentation and it was really terrific. This is our third event with Sydney, and each time she has been a pleasure and easy to work with while making all of the arrangements. Her presentations are dynamic and very interesting – definitely a favorite of our patrons. And we will definitely be having her back!”
Mary Coe, Fairfield Woods Branch, Fairfield, Ct

We also had Sydney at the Woodbury Library for two hugely popular events.
I second everything Peggy said about her and the program.”
Marla Martin
Teen Librarian, Adult Programs Librarian
Woodbury Public Library
269 Main Street South
Woodbury, CT 06798

Last evening the Mansfield Library had Sydney Sherman do her “You Are Not Alone: Our Loved Ones Are Here…You’re Just Not Listening” program on Zoom. It was a wonderful and uplifting program. Sydney was warm and engaging and her presentation was a perfect balance of information and entertainment. It also had the best attendance of any zoom program I have offered this past year! I look forward to having her back to do another one of her presentations in the future. I would highly recommend Sydney, you will not be disappointed.”
Margaret L. McCarthy
Public Services Librarian
Mansfield Public Library
54 Warrenville Road
Mansfield, CT. 06250
860.423.2501 ext: 6308


“I’d like to make a plug for Sydney Sherman, medium, author, and reiki master.  We’ve hosted Sydney several times over the years and when in person we’ve had upwards of 50-100 each time.  She’s available year round – not just Halloween.  She’s serious about her gift and wants to share it with others.  She’s engaging, down to earth, warm and funny and also a nurse who had been on the front line most of 2020. I reached out to Sydney after I lost my mom to Covid this past year and the experience was incredibly moving and powerful.  What she was able to share with me was at first unbelievable and then after several weeks I understood and took comfort from what I experienced. She has talks on auras, one on using your senses to reach out to loved ones, and another on her life as a medium by discussing her book You are not Alone and (she also has one for children called Gifted Innocence).”
Jill AdamsHead of Adult Services
Waterford Public Library
49 Rope Ferry Road
Waterford, CT  06385

860-444-5805, x2


Hi everyone,
Here at Hagaman Library, last Wednesday, June 2 at 6:30 p.m., we hosted author and medium Sydney Sherman. Ms. Sherman did a presentation called, “The Transition,” which chronicles, in a scientific way, the process of death and beyond. The process is divided into three phases: preparation, the actual death, and lastly their transition to a new form. The presentation looks at the subject of an afterlife using scientific principles. Sydney does a wonderful job of presenting the information using a PowerPoint presentation. She also creatively tailors her presentation to the particular audience she is working with, and also brings lots of humor and fun to the subject.
Sydney has been to our library many times over the past 10 years. She has done in-person, on-site presentations and this most recent presentation, “The Transition” was her second virtual presentation for the library. She did a virtual presentation for our library last October on her book: You are Not Alone: Our Loved Ones are Here…You’re Just Not Listening. All of the in-person, on-site presentations our library has scheduled with Sydney have brought large groups of participants, many times upwards of 70 people!
For anyone interested in Sydney’s program, “The Transition,” here is a YouTube link to the program: I highly recommend Sydney! She has many workshops and presentations for libraries. To find out what she offers, go to:
My very best,
Cynthia Gwiazda
Community Services Librarian
Hagaman Memorial Library
227 Main Street
East Haven, CT 06512
Direct line: (203) 468-3891
Main Library: (203) 468-3890
Fax: (203) 468-3892


“Granby Public Library virtually hosted author and metaphysical speaker Sydney Sherman for Understanding Your Aura May 13, 2021.
Several other libraries have posted and sung Sydney’s praises, and all I can add is she is someone that we will invite to return for more programs. She is knowledgeable in thanatology (the study of life after death) and the healing art of Reiki (a Japanese form of healing).
More info about Sydney, her programs and the books she’s written is available at:
A recording of her Zoom presentation hosted by Granby Public Library is available at:
Be well,

Holly K. Johnson
Program and Outreach Coordinator
Granby Libraries


“Sydney Sherman presented her “You Are Not Alone” program through Zoom for the Seymour Public Library on Wednesday, June 8.
We had 27 attendees. Sydney is very passionate about her subject. The program consisted of Sydney’s experiences as a young child up through adulthood and currently. She presents ways for people to contact their loved ones that have died and suggests that you don’t need to contact a Medium- each person has the ability to contact loved ones themselves.
Sydney throws in a plug for libraries and suggests people use the library to research anything they are curious about. As a registered nurse, Sydney very much cares about scientific facts and imparted that to the audience. The program ran from 6:30PM to 8:00 PM as Sydney stayed on to make sure she answered all questions”.
Suzanne Garvey
Library Director
Seymour Public Library
46 Church St.
Seymour, CT 06483
Ph: 203-888-3903 ex. 5


Hall Memorial Library hosted Sydney Sherman’s “You Are Not Alone” program Tuesday evening on Zoom. Sydney was warm, engaging, and relatable throughout the presentation and made sure to answer all questions. Since Tuesday evening, we have had many patrons comment on a repeat presentation, and we plan to have her here again in near future. You will not be disappointed in a presentation by Sydney Sherman.”
__Ashley DabbondanzaReference Librarian and Program Coordinator Hall Memorial Library93 Main St.PO Box 280 Ellington, CT. 06029 860 870 3160


“Our library recently hosted Sydney Sherman, author of “You Are Not Alone: Our Loved Ones Are Here…You’re Just Not Listening” and we highly recommend her program. She is a dynamic, energetic presenter and really kept our audience engaged. She was also thoughtful in answering questions as they arose by our attendees throughout the program.
We will be having her present again for our library in the near future.”
Diane DeedyDirectorPreston Public Library389 Route 2Preston, CT 06365860.886.1010


Hey all, I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of folks singing Sydney’s praise. Rockville Public Library hosted “You Are Not Alone” yesterday evening via Zoom. Though our Zoom participation numbers have dropped off quite a bit in the last six weeks, almost everyone who signed up for Sydney’s presentation attended. Sydney herself was well-prepared and engaged with her audience. It was clear by the end that the program’s participants were interested seeing more of her presentations, so we’ll likely have her back. You can contact Sydney here: All the best, Caitlin



Listen to my first podcast on 3PNR with host Alex Rodriquez on 10/11/2021. You can find more podcasts for 3PNR at this link:

Good Morning Ct with Jeff Valin “You Are Not Alone”
Good Morning CT with Jeff Valin “Gifted Innocence
Zoom “You Are Not Alone” Presentation Hagaman Library , Ct

ZOOM You Are Not Alone Presentation, Blackstone Library, CT

Hagaman Memorial Library ZOOM Presentation “The Transition

ZOOM “Understanding Your Aura Granby Public Library

Client Testimonials

“I had a connections session with Sydney a few weeks ago. Sydney knows I’m a healthy skeptic from the time I first met her at our Naugatuck Library. I’ve taken many of her forums. All excellent. But what I wanted most of all was to connect with my mother. I knew Sydney no longer gave readings, and I was to be her last scheduled one before she had to stop. I understood. But still, any way shape or form to connect with my mother, I would try. I was NOT disappointed!! It was subtle at first, and I had to let go and relax…but it DID happen. I felt my mother’s touch. I was astounded. Not a human touch at all. But definitely a touch. We did this for about an hour….Sydney’s instructions…validate, validate, validate!! I’m working on this at home now, but feel she is the key to me being successful. But I’m not giving up. She is the real deal, and one day I’ll accomplish this connection on my own… Kathie Burdett

“I have received the benefits of healing energy during my Reiki sessions with Sydney but I was interested in learning more. I was excited to attend the Reiki 1 class, to use the knowledge for my own body, mind and spirit and to use to promote healing for my pets. The class offered so much more than I expected. We covered so many things, a lot of information so I was glad we got a book and a binder so I can continue to review. We each had the chance to actually practice on a classmate and feel the energy ourselves which made me confident that I could do this on my own. If you are interested in learning about Reiki, I highly recommend this class. Nancy Deka

“I attended a Reiki healing with Sydney a few months ago. You just get a feeling of great energy when you enter her Reiki room. It was, by far, the best Reiki I have experienced. I love her honesty, her knowledge and her experience along with her genuine willingness to share with others. Her healing gifts are top notch. I have also attended one of her senses classes with a friend, she teaches you that you can in fact communicate with your loved ones and provides you with the tools to make that happen as well as showing you how to use them with hands on examples. I highly recommend a Reiki session with her as well as the knowledge she shares in her classes”. Lynn Carangelo

I have attended a reading with Sydney that was amazing but most importantly she taught me the signs of life beyond this earth. I have had Reiki and felt good but need to keep up with it on my own end. She has also been to my home to educate a group on their individual aura’s. She is the real deal. Love her” Tina Keating

“First let me say, I am a skeptic. A healthy skeptic but you really need to prove to me what you want me to believe and why. I met Sydney through a friend who was going for an Aura Consultation. I was just there for support. I found her to be extremely knowledgeable, down to earth and very sincere about her desire to help people. Help them, to not only understand their own abilities but how to connect with their loved ones who have passed. Just by understanding how we are supposed to work. So enthralled by the accuracy with my friend, I made an appointment with Sydney. Can I say “Holy Shit!” I was blown away. Everything she told me about what I had experienced, how I felt with certain people or situations etc was spot on. It was a little unsettling, but I needed to hear every bit of it. She was patient with me and I could tell she really wanted me to feel better about me. She cared honestly. I have more appointments scheduled with her because she is a wealth of knowledge which she readily shares. I highly recommend Sydney.” Rhonda Keegan

Over the years I have had the wonderful opportunity to take advantage of Sydney’s gift. Many spiritual readings, workshops, presentations, classes, Reiki, Consultations you name it. To say I am a much different person today because of Sydney’s insight is an understatement. Her guidance and direction have led me down paths I would never have sought out before. She has changed my life. I can never thank her enough. Jean C

“I first met Sydney at an aura workshop…My friend had seen her at one of her library workshops and set up for 4 of us to meet with her. I’ve always wanted to learn about auras and was really interested to go. I didn’t know it until we got there that once upon a time she used to do readings but doesn’t anymore but was quick to let me know i did come in with someone who continually interrupted her during our workshop. The workshop opened my eyes to a lot things I kind of already knew about myself especially that i was sensitive to a lot (i’m a blue i learned) which explained a lot of why I am the way that I am with people and it taught me to recognize other peoples colors..I cant see them yet but I can tell by characteristics now whose is the real deal..Just having conversations with her she is very enlightening. I’ve been a few times now for different things and I plan to keep attending…Thanks so much Sydney”…Jen

“Sydney, I have to tell you this. I was a skeptic when I came to see you that first time. A friend knew I was hurting because I had lost most of my family in a very short period of time . She took me to a presentation. To say I walked out a believer is an understatement. I’ve since done Understanding Your Senses, Understanding Auras and several other presentations. Opening up to the idea that maybe we aren’t alone has made such a difference. I know I am surrounded by my family, even though I haven’t been able to see them yet. The family that is with me lets me know that they are here quite often. It is such a comfort to know that they are really here, watching over me. You have taught me so much about being able to connect with them . It has helped me tremendously. I don’t fear death and dying any more because I know they will be there to greet me when my time comes. Thank you so much for everything” . Lynn S

“I took Sydney’s Reiki Level 1 Class at the persistence of my friend who said I was a natural. I really didn’t know anything about it nor was I even sure I wanted to do it. During the class Sydney explained to us that this is a healing method that needs to be respected, practiced and lived. It takes a commitment to rise above and see things differently. It takes a desire to help oneself and one another. That hit me. I understood now that Reiki was an unselfish act yet fulfilling. The class was straight forward. Sydney has such patience and you can tell she and Peggy take what they do very seriously. Yet Sydney made sure there was time for laughter. The Attunement was, well the best word I could use is Euphoric. I went home feeling I had just learned a whole new way of living. I was eager to start my new path. My dog Daisy was my first recipient. Daisy has digestive problems and takes daily medications. I gave the Reiki as instructed. My hands became very warm, my arms very light. Daisy looked at me, let out a loud sigh and laid down, very relaxed. It has been a month. No more tummy issues for my Daisy!!. She is one happy pup! I also give myself Reiki. Im still learning, but my sleep is better and my right knee does not hurt anymore. I would highly recommend taking Reiki 1 for yourself and I would highly recommend taking it from Sydney. I will take Reiki 2 when she lets me LOL”. MC

From a former Reiki 1 student. 
“My grand daughter likes my Reiki so much when she sleeps over gammies she sits on my lap, takes my hands and puts them on her head. Then she says “rake me gammie”. 
I do gentle reiki on her and she falls asleep Everytime!
It’s the best thing ever. 
Thxs Syd”

“My experience was not for me necessarily but for my son. He was diagnosed with Autism at 4 years old. He is now 11. My struggles as a single parent to ensure my son received the treatment he needed seemed at times insurmountable and at a point overwhelming. My friend told me about Sydney. I did not need her help with the spiritual connection of a loved one. Its not really my thing. But I heard that she worked with kids who were gifted and felt maybe she could do something for Adam as technically he sees things differently too. Sydney was not what I expected at all. (Actually, I’m not sure what I expected). Adam took to her instantly! He never does that!! She explained to me about his Aura and how his Aura can cause a manifestation of symptoms that can mimic certain conditions or heighten there impact. She taught me how to deal with his anxieties and how to help him understand. And in the process she helped me learn about myself. How I to need to heal and be cared for. How to release anger and the hostility I have held onto for years. Its been 1 year since Adam and I have come to see Sydney. She keeps in touch with us regularly and is always available for questions. She really cares. I have seen a huge change in my son. He has a few friends now. He is doing much better in school and interacts better with people. Its life changing, more so than I can explain in a statement. Now, I might just be interested in what Sydney has to say about spirits and such. I have learned new and amazing things from her maybe I have more to learn”. Stella R.H

I first saw Sydney at the Southington library where she was talking about her book. I was completely drawn in to everything she was saying. She talked about feeling our loved ones that have passed, auras, and so many other things that truly fascinated me. So, I decided to sign up for one of her feeling sessions. It was AMAZING! Sydney taught me how to feel my grandmothers touch and gave me peace of mind that it is in fact really her. I have been talking to and feeling her ever since. I’ve also gotten to reconnect with my dog and cat who have also passed. It is such an incredible feeling. Recently I took Sydney’s reiki one class. It was full of information. Sydney is such a great teacher and took the time to really make sure we understood everything fully before she would move on to the next thing. It was an amazing class and now I can use what Sydney taught me to help myself and others. I have given my husband, son and myself reiki and also my senior cat who has health and pain issues. I am so thankful I decided to see Sydney at the library that first time…she truly is a life changer!” Amy

“Hi!! I just wanted to share with you that I have been doing a lot of work over these past few months and I have been able to connect with my loved ones more regularly. Mostly through clairsentcience then claircognizence. The more I connect, the better it gets and the more clear things come through. It takes time and once I got out of my “ego” brain it became so much easier. Being present and mindful, learning to quiet the mind, healings and attunements have helped so much. I’m now going to work on identifying those that I am unsure of who they are. This has been quite the amazing journey so far and I thank you for putting me on this path, I am so grateful. I’ve also learned how to clear my energy once finished communicating and realize the huge importance of that. So, thank you again. I look forward to connecting with you and learning more again soon”. Lynn C

I’ve been interested in Reiki for many years after an experience with my mom when she was dying. It’s taken me some time, but I was so happy to finally sign up with Sydney Sherman for my Reiki Level One training… on zoom! Sydney was so accommodating trying to make this work for the both of us in this time of covid. I was a bit concerned wondering what to expect, but I had no need to… it was like we were sitting in the same room together. She prepared me well for our distanced training in every way possible. So appreciative to Sydney for her wisdom, her encouragement and her very comfortable way of teaching. Looking forward to continuing along this Reiki journey with her. — Kathryn O.

“I’ve taken all three of Sydney’s Reiki classes and I couldn’t be happier with the knowledge I’ve gained. Sydney’s Reiki classes are a great combination of “classroom” instruction and hands on (lower levels) and she’s great with answering questions that arise after the class has ended. I’ve also taken Sydney’s Aura class and can highly recommend it. Sydney’s a great teacher!” Anonymous:

“I have waited so many years to be able to learn about Auras from Sydney and know how to use mine effectively because I live in Australia. I read all of Sydney’s books but desired to learn more. I was able to take advantage of the first ZOOM Aura Workshop recently. WOW, It was more than I had hoped for. The information was easy to understand and the workshop packed with useful and helpful information. It makes so much sense now! Sydney is not only knowledgeable in her craft but funny, sensitive and easy to talk to. She provided us with everything we needed to be successful. You can always follow up with her afterwards to ask questions. She always makes herself available. Next, I am taking the Senses Workshop. Hope she offers it soon!’ Jackie M. Klet

“My Aura Consultation with you was in March. You told me where stress was attacking my body and how it effected my day to day life. My relationships, my health and even the way my body perceives threats to it by people, places and situations. You accurately picked up on my gut issues and severe sleep deprivation. You warned me of cancers to watch out for based upon my particular Aura. You showed me what I had to do to pull myself together. Well, almost 4 months later here is the update. I am sleeping at least 6 hours a night. Huge for me. My anxiety is greatly diminished. I have infrequent gut issues which if you remember we’re daily and constant. I removed myself from a toxic relationship (you pegged it) and have found that I can make myself happy without relying on someone else. I went to the GYN (reluctantly) and found I do have an area worth watching. BUT it’s caught early. I enjoy my days, I enjoy the quite times, I enjoy myself and I enjoy my life. All in 4 months. You should bottle this shit! lolThankyou for educating me on me. I wish I knew this in my 30’s, but it’s never to late to start right?” Kim S