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“You are Not Alone”

**Book Presentation

Acclaimed Connecticut  Paranormal Author, Sydney Sherman, is continuing her successful book tour and speaking forums throughout Connecticut and New England sharing her life experiences and book,  You Are Not Alone: Our Loved Ones Are Here…You’re Just Not Listening.  Ms. Sherman encourages all of us to consider the possibilities of connecting to the other side.  Sherman’s book outlines her passage from confusion to acceptance of her relationships with the many spirits who inhabit her everyday world.
The book goes beyond a simple biographical story of a medium.  Frustrated with media sensationalism and misinformation about the afterlife and contact with spiritual entities, Sydney decided to “come out” with her secret.  You Are Not Alone is part of her goal to provide clarity and understanding of the paranormal.
You Are Not Alone approaches the paranormal with a healthy dose of common sense and encourages rational skepticism.  The author looks at why and what we believe about the paranormal and the afterlife.  Her book draws distinctions between myths and the paranormal and recounts numerous experiences with spirits.  She offers hints to avoid falling prey to the frauds in the paranormal field.  The author educates readers on how they too can continue their relationship with their loved ones. With step by step advice, Sherman encourages people to think about the potential the paranormal holds for all of us.  Sydney hopes readers will come to the same understanding —they are not gone; they are still very much here with us….we just need to start listening.
Sydney Sherman believes we are meant to share the advantage of contact with our “peeps”. With her book and speaking engagements, thousands have learn how to connect and benefit from the guidance and protection of their own loved ones.  
Author Sydney Sherman grew up in a small town in Connecticut in the 60’s. Ms Sherman shares her experiences at various speaking opportunities. For decades she has been active in the “ghost hunting” community to promote a rational view of the unexplained through scientific means.  Sherman is recognized by her ghost-hunting colleagues as a significant force in promoting professionalism and responsibility in the field.
Sherman has intrigued audiences with her personal knowledge of energy, spirits and the afterlife and has been featured in numerous News Articles, Magazines as well many appearances for TV and radio. For anyone who has ever wondered about the paranormal, Sydney Sherman and her book are a must.
Library Program approximately 2 hour in length with Q&A $300.00


**“Understanding Your Senses”

Is a very popular workshop in which I discuss the many ways in which anyone can learn to use their senses IE: smelling, hearing, seeing and feeling to connect to their loved ones. We start with a very detailed explanation of how each sense works, how it can be tricked, how to use each effectively and how to encourage a spiritual interaction with your love one. I provide step by step instructions and demonstrations for each sense and then I practice each technique with all attendees to allow them the opportunity to feel how these techniques work under my guidance . Workshop is 3 hours long. Cost for workshop at my home is $100.00 per person. (small groups only, no more than 10) Workshops are available in your home! (small groups only, no more than 10) Rates are based on number of attendees. Contact me for details. Private workshops are also available!! (Private rate applies, contact for details) Library Program approximately 2 hour in length with Q&A $300.00

**“Understanding Your Aura”

Next to the Understanding Your Senses Workshop, this too is a fan favorite! I discuss how important our Aura is in everything we do. There has been much misinformation about what an Aura is and how it works. I have spent many years researching the very scientific and biological nature of Auras and how they effect us. Using my own abilities identified as a child, I have gained a greater understanding of how valuable and powerful knowledge of our energy is for us in our daily life and how knowing about your personal Aura can change your life drastically. During this workshop, I will discuss in depth the study of Aura’s and what they are. How our educational systems have not provided us with the most simplest explanations of our Biological energy and why this very important topic has been left off of most curriculum’s  in the United States. I will identify the different colors of Auras and what distinct personality traits/characteristics are seen with these colors. How your Aura color identifies illnesses, stress, emotional disturbances…even cancer. How other peoples energies can effect your Aura negatively or positively, How you can protect your Aura and how to see Auras. This workshop is jam packed with information and very interactive.
Workshop is 3 hours long. Cost for workshop at my home is $100.00 per person. (small groups only, no more than 10) Workshops are available in your home! (small groups only, no more than 10) Rates are based on number of attendees. Contact me for details. Private workshops are also available!! (Private rate applies, contact for details) Library Program approximately 2 hour in length with Q&A $300.00

**Gifted Innocence – How to identify a spiritually gifted child. (Based upon book Gifted Innocence: A guide for Parents on understanding their gifted child.

Have you ever noticed your child or grandchild reach out to someone who was not there? Or to be seemingly having conversations with someone yet they were alone in a room? You might have a gifted child. Or a child with heightened sensory awareness. These children demonstrate very unique tendencies/behaviors based on their age that other children don’t. Understanding what you are seeing and how to best handle these moments are extremely important for the overall health and well-being of your child. These children are different to some degree therefore your comments to their statements or answers to their questions can create an atmosphere of fear or normalcy. So first YOU need to learn how to recognize these very obvious traits and how to prepare yourself for a lifetime of assisting your child with their journey. We will discuss the traits, characteristics demonstrated by children at each stage of development. The circle of trust that needs to be established. How to address their questions, periodic feelings of loneliness, isolation etc. When not to lead but listen and how to handle distinct periods of turmoil for these types of children. Copies of book will be available for purchase and signing at events. (Sydney does work one on one with families/children to help with the many twists and turns along the way. Contact Sydney through this site to set up appointment and to get more information. Library Program approximately 2 hour in length with Q&A $300.00

Reiki 1: Practice and Principles Certification Class

Reiki has been traditionally practiced in the Japanese culture as a form of healing, balancing and bringing well-being to a person. The Western culture although not giving any credibility to this practice has now started to understand the power that Reiki provides.
Dr. Usui, the founder of Reiki, knew very well the benefits of the universal energy with our energy and the connection to each other.
He used this knowledge to form the first class for Reiki 1, Principles and practice.
Reiki can now be found in many medical establishment as a useful tool in healing and balancing the body and mind. Such as labor and delivery, hospice, intensive care, pain clinics and even psychiatric facilities to alleviate anxiety, depression, mood and sleep disorders.
This class will teach the principles of Reiki and how to provide Reiki on oneself and family/friends. At the end of the class each participant will receive an attunement and be considered a Reiki level 1 practitioner.
The class is $150 and includes training material, attunement and certificate.
This will be a small class for no more than eight people. Namaste

Reiki 2: Meditation and Balance

This class is for anyone looking to learn more about Reiki in your everyday life. Once attuned as a Level 2 Practitioner you are able to begin practicing Reiki as a business and accept clients for a fee. Reiki 2 is about Balancing ones own life and energy to better bring balance to the people they are healing. Learning to heal others requires protection of ones own energy. This is the staple of any Level 2 program. You will learn how to use stones and a pendulum to detect energy, direct the flow and maintain a harmonious balance between the client and yourself. At the end of the class each participant will receive an attunement and be considered a Reiki level 2 practitioner.
The class is $200 and includes training material (Unless already recieved in Reiki 1) attunement and certificate.
This will be a small class of no more than eight people. Acceptance to this class requires successful completion of the Dr. Usui Reiki level 1 program
. Sensei/Master will determine appropriateness for each person individually. Namaste


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well being. Many have reported miraculous results. $100 Initial treatment. $60 follow up treatments. Sessions are between 45 mins to 60 mins.

Aura Consultations

Ever wonder what your Aura has to say about you? Or what it can tell you about your health?
Your Aura is like a thumbprint. It is biologically you, so it can tell a lot about your likes and dislikes. Why you feel the way you do around certain places, people and situations? People who are in the Life Color family of Aura’s (Blues and Violets) have an innate trait which can cause anxiety, depression, mood disorders, drug dependency and other psychological diagnosis. As well, Cancers, heart disease, Diabetes and Stroke can all be linked to an Aura Color.
Receive your Aura color, health/stress assessment, self care treatments, health color and Aura colors to avoid
$90 for session. 1 to 1.5 hours.

“Feeling Sessions”

What is a feeling session? When I used to give readings I always helped the client feel/experience their loved ones presence…. Their touch. 
Once they experienced this, they had a better chance of feeling them on their own, now that they know what they feel like. I believe it provided them with more validation. I still think the Understanding You Senses workshops are the way to go because I know you can all do this on your own and that’s important, but maybe some people need a little extra nudge.
So with RULES in place I’m gonna give it a try. 
Here are the rules.
1. No asking me for a reading. The answer is NO.
2. No asking me who is with you, you will pick your peeps. (It’s not difficult really)
3. No more that 3 peeps allowed ( I think that’s plenty)
4. If you are blocked I will use a small dose of Reiki to your crown and third eye chakra, but if you still don’t feel…you don’t feel. It’s not a forced thing.
5. Crying is allowed, including me😊
6. Session will last about 1 hr. Maybe 1.5
7. 24 hour notice for cancellations
8. You MAY bring someone with you if you would like for support. 
9. I will do these on a Saturday or Sunday. 
10. Yes you can hug me when it’s over.
11. Yes, you can ask me questions about what you are feeling and I will validate if it is your loved one you are feeling or not. BUT I will not tell you what they are saying unless they are annoying me. 😉
Approximately 1 to 1/5 hours. $70.00 a session.