About the Author

“We should not lose sight of the extraordinary possibilities of extending our relationships beyond death” SS

From childhood, Sydney has had an awareness of the energies around her and around all of us.

Yes, Sydney Sherman sees dead people.  “ I have never been alone. From as far back as I can remember I have had the ability to interact with people (peeps) that others could not see. For me it is not scary; it is a natural part of my everyday life.”
As her sensitivity has grown over the years, she has been able to guide others to open themselves to their own spirits – to make those energies a part of their lives.

Sydney loves skeptics. She knows many of us have already experienced something that is beyond normal scientific understanding  (the definition of paranormal).  
Acceptance is not always an easy process.   Sherman asks us to consider, “Is it easier to believe what the mind tells you is true…Or is it easier to see the truth and convince your  mind otherwise?”

She  hopes that each of us can determine the reality of the afterlife and the paranormal on our own terms and stop pushing away our “peeps”.
Recent heightened media focus on the paranormal, (spirits, ghosts, ghost hunting and the afterlife) is both a gratifying validation and a source of frustration for Ms. Sherman.

For Sydney, communication involves respect for our own truths and those of our peeps.  Hers is a mission to promote greater understanding and to demystify the field.  The frauds, manipulators and those who prey on our honest curiosity are doubly harmful, victimizing individuals and discrediting the field.

Sydney’s goal and that of her book is to give clarity — a better understanding of the afterlife, of the spirits around you and what is in store for all for us. 
Most recently, Due to private reasons, Sydney has stopped providing readings as she felt people were seeing HER as the attachment to their loved ones and not themselves. People enjoyed the readings but once they were over they would not take the initiative to connect with their loved ones on there own. This is a missed opportunity.

So Sydney began teaching people that they have everything that they need to connect with their loved ones…..WITHOUT her. That’s right!
Through Sydney’s presentations, workshops, classes, private consultations and the like, many people have become very successful learning how to use what they already have to make that special connection everyday!!
Sydney feels she has come full circle and continues to look for new ways to help people experience this special bond.
“Each of us deserves the opportunity to enjoy and to be enjoyed by our loved ones‐‐even after they pass from this life”. SS